Web Hosting & Maintenance

Your website requires constant attention to make sure it is working in order. Timely updation of the website with fresh information, removing all the outdated data is essential otherwise an impression of abandoned website is given out to the search engines and the visitors as well. Our team can take the job of keeping your website up-to-date feeding fresh information.

Our maintenance service includes:


We provide hosting to the websites we create either on a shared hosting or on a Dedicated Servers. We make sure our servers are working 24 hours without interruption.


We can provide email services to our clients that can be managed online with webmail or with your favourite email client.

Web performance analysis reports

We can provide you reports on the performance on your website on daily basis or on a particular period basis. We can tell you, how many visitors you get geographically and how they reached your website or even the keywords they have used for searching if they came from search engines.

Domain names

We can register your domain name and can manage it for you. We make sure to provide you the services with the most relevant domain registrars and can renew it yearly for you.

Our Clients

  • Nice2gether
  • Harra
  • Romaltruista
  • Joe investors
  • Capa
  • Play Forg
  • Whats for Eating
  • Medicaline
  • ondacultura
  • We Divide