API Services

API development has caught wild fire among web service providers in recent years. API development helps two independent systems talk with each other through programming interface. Few sets of functions, procedures, methods, classes or protocols of a system has helped a lot in supporting requests made by computer programs. These systems could be operating systems, libraries or services and such sets are called Application programming interface (API).

APIs are standardized requests from one application that have been defined for the program being called upon. Such APIs can establish quick and direct communication between two systems that are not connected directly with each other. API acts as a bridge for information flow from application to another.

API development:

API development enables client application to be directly requested by other application for information. This is especially ideal when application is a part of enterprise network where data needs to flow in a seamlessly within enterprise premises. Additionally, API development helps client application to be able to get bundled with mashup services. The ability of a mashup to be served as a service creates an opportunity for client application monetization.

Application development using third party API:

With third party APIs like OpenSocial Datalogy Software, LLC developers are able to build social networking applications that will run on multiple websites, simplifying the making and distribution of these programs. Social networking sites and applications supporting OpenSocial include Oracle, Salesforce.com, Hi5, iLike, LinkedIn, Slide, Ning, Friendster and Plaxo. Facebook has launched its own set of APIs. Datalogy Software, LLC has experience of Facebook API development, too. There could be applications out there with their own set of APIs for developers to extend functionalities.

API integration:

To make client website or application rich in feature and functionality, it has to be integrated with other systems through APIs. A typical example of this would be integration payment API with website for seamless payment or transaction processing.

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